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This Cookie Policy forms part of the privacy that you find available and always viewable on our website, and concerns the use of cookies and similar technologies that are used between your devices and our site.

It is important for us to be clear and open about how we collect and use your data.

While some cookies may be blocked without major consequences for your experience, blocking all cookies may mean that you cannot access certain features and content on this website.

More details on the main cookies we use, you will find them at the bottom of this statement.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the cookies used on our website, you can always contact us.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device or computer, through your web browser, at the request of the websites you visit or the applications you use. Cookies record information such as your preferences and settings, thanks to which we can offer you a more consistent and meaningful browsing experience.

Some of the cookies we use are removed as soon as you leave our website, because they concern information that does not need to be kept between your visits. They are called 'temporary' or 'session' cookies. On the other hand, 'persistent' cookies allow us to recognize you when you return to visit us on our platform. These automatically expire when they reach a specified expiration date, unless you delete them first.

We also use similar technologies, which we refer to as 'tags', 'tracking pixels', 'local storage', 'scripts', 'device identifiers', etc. These are implemented on our platform and may be used in conjunction with cookies to allow the storage of information on your device in use or the exchange of data to access our website.

Types of cookies and how they are used

On our website there are proprietary cookies and third-party cookies placed by different parties. The different cookies can be placed by us or by third parties with whom we collaborate or because they provide us with useful functionalities for navigating the site itself. But what types of cookies do we use?

- Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly Necessary Cookies' are required for the basic functions of our website. For this reason, it is not possible to exclude the use of these cookies. We only make it strictly necessary those that are essential to provide you with the services you have requested. For example, we use 'strictly necessary cookies' to make your login and support services available to you; We also use them to remember specific information, such as your preferences and the functions you can access based on the type of device you use. We also use 'strictly necessary cookies' to give you the ability to accept or reject the cookies themselves and to remember your preferences in this regard.

- Statistical cookies

Statistical cookies help us understand how visitors interact with the site by collecting and transmitting anonymous information to the tracking tools.

- Marketing cookies

We use 'marketing cookies' to determine which content is most relevant and appropriate to you and your interests based on information about your access and use of our site with your device. For this purpose, any promotional or information actions could place or recognize a unique cookie within your browser (for example by using pixel tags).

What happens when you visit our website

Upon first entry, the system checks whether or not a technical cookie is present in the device in which the consent information will be stored. If it is not present, it will offer the user a window in which to view the information on the cookies used on the site (necessary, statistics, marketing), asking whether or not to express their consent. At that point the aforementioned technical cookie will be installed on your device.

As a user you can also change your consent at a later time easily and in compliance with current legislation.

How can I refuse the use of cookies?

You can always object to the use of all those cookies that are not strictly necessary. Just click on the Cookie Preferences item that you find in the footer of our website to update your preferences.

Online you can also find useful information on how to manage and limit your exposure to online advertising based on your interests in general on the web. These services allow you to restrict most interest-based advertising that is used by us and other websites.

Although some cookies can be blocked without major consequences for your experience of using a website, blocking all cookies may mean that you cannot access certain functions and contents of the website.

System cookies and third party suppliers on this site

The platform of this site may use system components and / or third parties that make use of the following cookies:

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